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High Performance Coach| Speaker| Mentor

No one hands you the qualities you need for success -- you simply work for them day in and day out and Gary Brackett has built a life around making the most of the cards he was deal.

From being a walk-on student athlete, to becoming an NFL Super Bowl champion and team captain, to owning multiple brands as a successful entrepreneur, Gary has a proven track record for translating championship-level success across multiple playing fields, teams, and individuals.

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From Walk-On to Captain in Football and Life

Gary shares his inspiring life story in his 2011 memoir, focusing on the importance of a positive attitude, hard work, commitment to teammates, love of family, and faith.

Framed within the frenzied lead-up to Super Bowl XLI, Gary flashes back to the defining moments and lessons in his journey to a championship season.


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Father. Husband. High Performance Coach. Entrepreneur. Restaurateur. Superbowl Champion.




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